Why You Need Emergency Lighting Services
Imagine yourself in a building that’s on fire, and suddenly the lights go out. It’s not the ideal scenario. This is where emergency lighting can play a crucial part in saving lives. Seeing and knowing where you’re headed in such a dangerous situation can exponentially increase your chances of survival. Emergency lighting installation is necessary for all commercial and residential buildings.
Emergency Lighting Are a Must for Commercial Buildings

These emergency lights are needed in fires and other dangerous situations; they can also come in handy if ever there’s a power cut due to a mains failure. Under UK regulations, maintained emergency lights must stay on all the time, while non-maintained emergency lights must light up in case of a mains power failure. In either case, they must stay lit for three hours after a mains failure. Commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals have emergency lighting systems installed for safety reasons.

Emergency Lights Help People Find Fire Exits
When a fire breaks out, the first thing people do is rush for the fire exit. The faster people can get to these exits, the sooner they can evacuate the building. When there are no lights on, people will face difficulty in reaching the exits. Emergency lighting allows them to see where they’re going and to reach the fire exits much sooner. Emergency lighting must be installed in every commercial building to help save the lives of the people in them potentially.
If you’re about to get emergency lighting installed in your commercial building, FireNet Security can make sure to install those that conform to UK guidelines in your building.
Emergency Lighting
We can design, install, and maintain emergency lighting to ensure that your buildings meet the latest building safety regulations and any local authority requirements. Your staff and customers can leave the premises with emergency lighting on. Our team of engineers work to the British Standard to make sure your property is fully compliant.